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italy-600w-laser-bar-for-portable-808nm (1)
italy-600w-laser-bar-for-portable-808nm (3)
italy-600w-laser-bar-for-portable-808nm (1)
italy-600w-laser-bar-for-portable-808nm (3)

Diode laser Hiar removal(T2)

1. Import USA Coherent laser bar 400W, 500 W Optional
2. 10 inch multi-color touch screen
3. ISO CE Certificated.

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Product Description

Laser hair removal is a safe gentle and effective way to remove unwanted hair permanently .Hair removal methods such as shaving waxing tweezing and depilatories can only provide temporary relief and while electrolysis can provide permanent hair removal it can be very painful costly and time consuming ,Laser hair removal safely removes unwanted hair without damaging the skin .Laser hair removal is an efficient treatment that can remove any unwanted hair and provide long term results.
Laser hair removal utilizes lasers that emit a beam of light that passed through the skin which is then absorbed into the hair follicle This light energy is transformed into heat so that is can disable the follicle Different lasers are used depending on different skin types.Today individuals with skin toners ranging from white to dark are able to reduce unwanted hair with positive results .

Product Application

1. Hair Removal, Skin Tightening;
2. Widely used for any color hair;
3. Widely used for any skin type;
4. Removel Area: Lip Hair, Beard, Chest Hair, Armpit Hair, Back Hair, Arm Hair, Leg Hair, Unwanted Hair outside the Bikini Line.

Product Parameters

aser type Diode Laser
Diode laser T1
Laser wavelength 808nm
808nm/755nm+808nm+1064nm 300W/ 400W/ 500W/ 600W Optional
Frequency 2000 W
1-10HZ 10-400 ms (Adjustable)
Operation interface 1-10HZ
8.4 “touch screen 1-120 J/cm2
Spot size 12 * 12mm
12*12mm;12.5*14.5mm 10.4 inch color touch screen
Energy density Continuous Sapphire contact cooling(-5℃~1℃)
0-120J/cm2 Air cooling
Cooling model Closed water circulation cooling
Water+ air + semiconductor +TEC condenser AC 220V 50Hz/ AC 110V 60Hz

Product Advantages

1. Gold Standard 808nm laser diode provides reliable results
2. Permanent hair reduction of all pigmented hair on all skin types
3. Fast hair removal—large 12×12 mm spot size, up to 10 Hz repetition rate
4. High power 2000W ,10 bars
5. The Laser energy output can reach 120J/cm2
6. Fast treatment,1-3 treaments,and no pain,permanent hair removal
7. 20 hours continuously work
8. Pecfect multi-cooling system: Wind+Water circulation+Semi-conductor+Refrigerator freezing
9. Fast dermal heating
10. Easy to operate
11. No consumbles, low cost of ownership,high ROI

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